Folding Crayfish Net Crab Net (32cm x 55cm)

A crayfish crab net. Quick folding and easy to use. Deluxe collapsible cylindrical trap for catching all kinds of baits, including your tea. Great for Crab Crayfish, Shrimp, Prawn, Lobster and Eel in fact anything that scavenges will be attracted to your trap. Simply load with your desired baits, scraps or leftovers, leave in a desirable place for an hour or two then retrieve using the string provided. Openings at both ends allow your catch in, there are no escapes what goes in stays in. External zip allows you in to retrieve your catch or your tea.

Open size approx 24" x 12" (600mm x 300mm)
Closed approx 1" x 12" (25mm x 300mm)
  • Details

    Size: 32cm in length

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