NEW Dinsmores Teardrop Bait Dropper MEDIUM

  • A new unique design in bait dispensing, 
  • heavy enough to get the bait down to the bottom and super easy to use.
  •  Ideal for feeding hemp, boilies, corn etc in fast-moving water where pinpoint feeding is required.
  • Available in two sizes: A Small size that is 2oz (60g) in weight,
  •  perfect for slow-moving water or where a smaller amount of bait needs to be dropped.
  • A medium size is also available that weighs 4oz (120g) that is great for fast moving or flooded rivers. 
  • Also great in situations where a large amount of bait needs to be dropped.
  • We recommend that you take one of each size on your trip,
  •  as each one will have its own uses depending on the swim you are fishing

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